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Dualities, 1991-94

A series of paintings (Dorland's medium, oil on canvas), which grew out of the artist's preoccupation with the news and images of the Gulf War. In this work, two images are juxtaposed representing the transformative (positive) and the disintegrative (negative) forces of Nature and Man.

Exhibitioned at:
Canadian Museum of Civilisation 1993-94
Robertson Art Galleries 1994
Carleton University Art Gallery 1994
Ahmed Mishari Al Adwani Gallery, Kuwait City, Kuwait 1994

Though her paintings may have been a reaction of her feelings, Jerry has been able to successfully convey an important and significant message of peace to the world by sharing her impressions in the form of art.
- Reaven D'Souza, Weekend Vision, Kuwait Times, October 27, 1994

Grey brings ideas of conservation and war together in pairs of painting that forcefully bring the dangers of the conventional dualisms into interconnected images. It is a subtle irony that the conservation area Mer Bleue, where Grey worked out her insight of Dualities, was used by the Canadian Air Force to do trial bomb drops.
Michael Bell, About the Land Approached, Carleton University, March, 1993